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First of all, NONE of our content is hidden behind a paywall. You'll be able to see all the videos we produce whether you donate or not. So why bother? We are eager to give back to the community in every way possible, but sometimes to do that, we need help. We have a lot of big ideas, but sometimes money can get in the way. Money raised through our generous Patrons will go toward things like new equipment, buying prizes to give away during contests and streams, and keeping our lights and internet on (after all, we need those to bring you more content!). This is just a tip jar Patreon. Feel free to give as much as you comfortably want, for as long as you'd like. Patrons who donate will be thanked in an end-of-the-month video on our channel with a shout-out to your channel (if you have one) but those who continue to donate every month will be set among the featured channels on our channel for as long as they continue to donate. After a certain amount of time passes (just to be sure you aren't donating JUST to be featured then cut your support) you will earn a permanent feature there. This is just to prevent patrons pulling support at the last second. The more money we're able to raise, the more we can give back to you guys, and the more we can give back to you guys, the more fun we can all have! So any and all help is greatly appreciated!




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What is up fellow Bush Babies! Thanks for taking a second to check out our Patreon page! So, what is this? Well, think of it like a tip jar. If you wanna help out the channel, help us get some new equipment, and support us just a little bit more beyond watching our videos, then this is the place you can do it!

Donations are set up on a monthly basis, but there is no "locked content". Every video we make is available for you to enjoy, so you never have to worry about content that's locked out just because you don't donate "enough". You can feel free to donate a dollar every month, a dollar for one month, or however much you choose for however long you want. Any and all help is appreciated, and our Patrons will get a mention in a monthly update video. So if you have a YouTube channel and you're a Patron, be sure to let us know!

So, why have a Patreon if we're not charging for special content? This is just our effort to bring people better content. Frienderman and I work on a very limited budget, and while we have plans to upgrade our channel with better equipment, on our own it might take quite a while. The faster we get better equipment, the faster we can improve, and the faster we can bring you the quality of content our Bush Babies deserve!

Becoming a Bush Baby is simple! Check us out on YouTube at Bush Baby Plays (link in my profile) and become part of the Bush Baby community! We run a Twitch stream, we're a part of Extra Life, and we're always hoping to meet more people and have more friends!
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We're planning well in advance here because we have BIG ideas! Next year for Extra Life's Game Day event we want to hold a super-massive AMAZING giveaway, and we have a whole list of stuff we want to give out. The theme of our 2k16 giveaway will be....MINECRAFT! We have a whole list of stuff we want to get to give out during that livestream, and we could use your help getting it! You can check out our wishlist here on Amazon:


This goal will be adjusted as we personally buy things off it, and everything will be kept in safe storage until Game Day. We're going to do our best to buy stuff off the list, but if you want to donate and help us buy gifts to give out during the charity stream, that would be amazing (and you'll get a special thanks during our end-of-the-month channel update video)! Let's make our first Game Day stream an amazing one!
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