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About Buster Beachside

Hello, everyone! You can call me Buster. I'm a content creator from the west coast of the United States. I enjoy creating videos as a hobby! I pursue many other creative projects as well, from inventing my own games to creating music.

Creating content full-time is my dream job... One that I've found takes more than just hard work and dedication! It also takes a lot of research and knowledge, plus just a bit of luck. I tried for a good while to grow my channel, but eventually, I needed to buckle down and get a "regular" job like everyone else.

I'm still making videos, but I now treat it as more of a hobby than I do a potential job. As such, I'm not able to put as much time into it as I used to. But I have set a few goals that I feel would allow me to dedicate more time to video-making should we be able to reach them.

I know EVERYBODY who has a Patreon page says this exact phrase, but: Please DO NOT feel obligated to donate anything to me. Just being a part of my community and watching my videos is more than enough. This is only for those who wish to help support my channel on a more tangible level.

(But I mean, let's be honest, some of you are only here for the juicy rewards, right? Kappa)
$28 of $50 per month
I will start trying to get out at least one video every week.

If somebody told me, "Hey, I will give you fifty bucks every month if you upload four videos a month", I would totally do that. I can't promise they will always be uploaded on time, but I'll do my best! :) (This could end up becoming one video per month if I happen to be working on a scripted video, as those take a much longer time to produce, generally!)
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