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You are extra Awesome!!
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Big thanks for the support! You must respect what I’m doing :)
My bruvva from another mother/sister from another mister.
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Massive thank you and hustlers hug. You appreciate my work and you are helping me carry on being creative instead of chasing money!




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Hi! I’m Jase. I’m a proud father and a newbie entrepreneur. Since I could hold a pencil I’ve loved drawing. I would rather draw than meet friends or even eat. I did drawings up until I was 17. Then growing up, uni, working full time, building a business, and starting a family I never had the time to chase my passion.
Now, nearly 20 years on. I’m finally going back to what makes me truly happy. And that’s drawing! But this time I’m linking my artwork to what is close to my heart.

As I don’t have a job and make money through business and various hustles. My comics portray the emotional rollercoaster anyone faces when trying to create money doing their own thing.
I’m a big fan of inspirational and motivational quotes, so this is usually the theme behind my artwork. 

Like anyone in the creative industry, it's hard to earn a buck for drawing comics. So I've set up this page to bring some cash in so I can focus on more comics and spread the inspiration. It would be so cool, if I actually get paid for doing one of my lifetime passions.

So if you’re feeling my work and want to see more. Spare a buck. Support a man. Thank you!
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Building momentum and can afford a coffee whilst working each week.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts

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