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About Bwillett Comics

What I do

I am the writer, artist, editor, blogger and publisher for all things related to Bwillett Comics. With precious few exceptions, I work on all of my comics by myself. I do my work without coworkers or assistants, and am in charge of my own marketing and publicity. Long story short, Bwillett Comics is just one woman.

I currently run three webcomics: the original series The Sorcerer's Apprentice, the full-color horror Midnight Menagerie and the Yugi-Oh fan comic The Queen of Games. Sorcerer's Apprentice is available as POD from Indy Planet and Midnight Menagerie is available in full issues digitally on Comixology. Through my Tumblr, Deviant Art and Youtube accounts I constantly give advice on artwork, storytelling and navigating the sometimes confusing world of self-publishing. I make it a point to treat my fans like family by respecting all people, giving good resources when I think they can help and show my gratitude for the things my fans do for me

Why I need Patrons

While for years I've offered all my comics either for free or as free digital-first, comics are not free for me to make. I have to pay for paper, pens, software, markers, electronic equipment, etc, etc, etc. And I don't know if you've ever checked, but art stuff tends to come at a premium. In order to be able to keep offering the same level of quality and quantity entertainment and storytelling for free, I need to start getting funding.

So why don't you have a 'real' job? you may be asking. First off, I am disabled. I suffer from the autoimmune disease Ankylosing Spondilitis and I have the form that not only effects my spine, but also my major joints such as my hips, shoulders and knees. I am in constant, debilitating pain and walk with a cane. A 40-hour-per-week gig outside of the house just isn't feasible for me, and I currently am not getting Social Security Income (which is actually a really small amount to begin with.) Secondly, even if I did have an outside career, it would mean a decrease in content, not an increase, as I would lose the time I have now to offer as many projects as I have.

Your funding would go towards two things: living expenses and production supplies. If I don't constantly have to freak out about my bills, I can devote more brain power and time to producing more pages per week. It would also mean no more gaps in updates because of lack of supplies, funding for those supplies, or lack of internet service. Originally, Sorcerer's Apprentice updated 3 times a week, with Queen of Games being an active series. Because of my current financial situation, both Sorcerer's Apprentice and Queen of Games are on hiatus and only Midnight Menagerie is updating regularly. Funding would also mean print versions of both original series and out of state convention appearances.

$22 of $500 per month
$500 per month would mean a return to the 3 day Sorcerer's Apprentice schedule
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