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California Department of Justice
Website: (Custom Domain will be made after we’ve reached our goal)

FiveM Direct Connect IP:
or Search California Department of Justice Role Play Server

About Our Server

We have an experienced team from multiple communities and games, that thrive on providing a
strong Role Playing experience for our community. We pride ourselves being professional but of course still having fun. That is the point of a game after all!!

Server Side Mods

We run ELS on our server, we do this for a more realistic Roleplay experience and we have a custom map to make the server look different than all the other servers.
Custom Civilian Vehicles
Individually stress tested to ensure minimal impact on server functions
Custom Police Vehicles
Individually stress tested to ensure minimal impact on server functions
No Player Blips no overhead names
Player blips will not appear on anybody’s screens, even Administrators.

Fuel Script
This script is simple, you go to the gas station, press ‘E’ (keyboard) and hold space to refuel. This is to ensure realism and make sure vehicle pursuits do not drag on too long.

Realistic AI traffic & Vehicle damage system
Fully functioning Script that responds much better to emergency lights by pulling over.
Vehicle damage system will impair your vehicle after a realistic amount of damage has happened to your ride. You will only be able to temporarily repair until you get to a mechanic. There you will be able to repair all issues. Tires will pop after time, just like in real life.

We have an assortment of emote commands for your roleplay pleasure

We are currently hiring for our three main departments, California Sheriff’s Department, California Highway Patrol and California Fire/EMS Department. We also have a Detective and Undercover unit that can be in the patrol without you knowing. We are also looking for Civilians who can do Real RP.
Go to this website to apply:
Remember, All Applications May Not Be Viewed The Same Day As YOU Apply, The Reason of This is Because of Different Timezones
Realistic Roleplay
Strict roleplay is enforced around the clock. Strict RP does not mean you CANT have fun, its just means it has to be realistic!
If you suspect a Troll or modder notify an admin right away, we will be happy to sort out the issue!
Join us and help us create the best Role Play experience possible!
  • California Department of Justice This is made by Head-Admin, Bjornen S.
Any Questions? Contact me on Discord: BjornenS.#6560
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When we reach 5 patrons I will make a whitelisted server the same day we reach 5 patrons!
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