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HEEYYY! My name is Cesar but you can call Campo... i guess... um...anyway, this is my first time writing and illustrating comics so i am pretty nervous, but it was something I wanted to do for a very long time.

What I want is to make great comics that people can enjoy and be interested with every single week.

The first one i'll be making, and the one which i will be sticking with for a very long time, is called Exterminator Ray (by the way, these comics will be upload on Line Webtoon Discover)

Sadlly i don't have the time to make comics earlier here, (the thing that was supposed to be the reward for you guys) in fact, I bearly even have the time to maintain a webcomic, my studies, and this patreon full time, sooo this patreon is one with no real reward in the end which really sucks.

Seriuslly, you won't be gaining much from here, so if you donate is really up to your kindness, and i would tremendously appreciate it. :)

So yeah thats it...thanks (i am an spanish speaker, so if my english writting is bad  i am sorry)
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With this money i will be able to buy better materials to make my work faster and cleaner
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