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is creating illustrated stories and art for film.
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About C.E. Zacherl


For over thirty years I've been writing and illustrating, I'm here in an effort to broaden the reach of that work. If you choose to take part, we'll be telling original graphic stories, broadcasting the art to new audiences and expanding our live gallery presence.


To make this all worth your while, I’ll be creating a community with a vantage to unique features, works in progress and a doorway behind the scenes not available on my other platforms. I’ll be wholly accessible to you, the Patrons; to hang out, converse, and create!


I'm beyond excited to bring the worlds that have been living in my brain out into the open and into your hands. Even more so that you'll be exploring these new worlds with me, helping shape my vision with your voice & insight!

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I'll create a new, original illustration as chosen by you, the Patrons!

**UNLOCKED! You've chosen Pennywise & Maturin, now available for free high-res download exclusively here on Patreon!
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