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The least amount of money i could possibly ask for. anyone willing to even support me this much is welcome to request additional features and gets added to the patreon list in both my discord server and DadBot himself

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This amount of money would allow me to buy a coffe as well as host the bot. extraordinary people get extraordinary rewards. you will be able to directly influence the bot by voting on features that get implemented and features that dont

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With 10$ i could Greatly reduce the number of hours i have to work and hopefully Reduce stress by 10%. As well as a Cool Role you would get  Extra Power over which features get added and which dont and a Cool color to go with it.

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Dadbot is my Pet project that got a bit out of hand and is now on over 4 thousand servers. this of course means that the costs of hosting it go up and so i come to Patreon for help. 

as i am working on the bot while at the same time having uni and work it would help me immensely if you could alleviate the concern of the bot hosting and let me focus purely on development.
$4 of $10 per month
Will be able to host the entire server on only Patreon funding allowing me to completely forget about the server and concentrate solely on the bot
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