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wow, I'm humbled by the fact you've even clicked the link to be reading this. If you've ever simply just watched a video I made, liked or commented or maybe even subscribed, Thank You! It all pushes the idea of what the channel might become one day in a positive direction. 

is a gaming channel (first and foremost before a reaction channel) making videos because he genuinely loves video games. It all begins with me simply being a genuine fan of experiencing such immersion and appreciating the talents of game developers that go into making Video Games. It's truly a special feeling to play them and I feel a sense of appreciation is lacked whether a game is a masterpiece or a lacklustre pile of things that shouldn't exist. From just talking about the gaming industry and related topics, to playing the games to reactions to the trailers.. Hopefully it can be a place that radiates positivity in a way where touching on the negatives isn't the highlight.

Current life situations limit the amount of time that's currently possible to put into videos and fully commit to covering as much content as possible. Video Games are extremely expensive especially when owning multiple consoles. From several videos on the majority of new releases to possible reviews which take alot of time to plan and figure out in advance alongside other content currently being made, to having to edit every video which can take hours by myself is rough with time restraints. Maybe the channel seems consistent sometimes and sometimes maybe not, it hasn't reached its potential.

Patreon is really just a way for others that wish to support and help the channel grow, get better and primarily improve over time in order to relay my passion for video games to you guys. It's simply an option that's there and for those that become a Patreon im truly grateful and can't thank you enough. You are pretty much the channel and anything it is or becomes is mainly down to anyone who wishes to just watch to as far as becoming a Patreon. Let try to just create a community of people that love video games and the art behind them, to where it's all just a fun discussion!

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