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About CJArt&Photographie

CJArt&Photographie/CJP - Why Patreon?

We all deserve a mean for preserving our treasurable moments. We all deserve the time to share those moments with generations to come, with visual stories which reveal the ways our world has and continues to bloom since the creation of the first camera. CJArt&Photographie/CJP (formerly, vanP&A) has been serving many for over a decade. From prints, to online photo albums, to beautifully crafted leather-bound photo albums, we have documented private events, shows, milestones, ranging from notable organizations to public figures, from funded to free community assignments. We have showcased in exhibitions and our work has been published in well-known newspapers. Nonetheless, we continue to discover so many new ways to assist our various communities and clients – a challenge we welcome as the art archivists for many organizations, businesses, and memory collectors for the individuals who trust our care for what is most important to them.

While we can say that we have served many with shared smiles, our photography pairing at times with our poetry and writings, the journey did not unfold without its own difficulties and curve balls. At times, the roads seemed never to define themselves, even when the results were obvious: to be of service is a vocation we never denied. This same journey has paid off each time we have met, worked with, and learned from so many great, amazing, passionate individuals – whom themselves have become influencers changing the story lines defining art, creativity, friendship, community, network, participation, dedication, and spirituality.

The questions always remain “How do we to commit to serve you better?”, “How can we make it easier to connect?”

Our made-to-order packages which always come with little surprises have remained our trademarks; now, we want to invite you to enjoy our photographic adventure on a different scale of discovery with us. After viewing some of our work on Instagram @cjartphotographie and our website www.clairejudine.com, we hope you will consider supporting us and our work by donating to our Patreon.

We are very grateful for your contribution to our adventures, for we could not have come so far without YOU as part of our visual stories. THANK YOU! … How about it? Let’s ride this one together, for another decade, or two, or three!

-Claire Judine Saintil/Freelance Photographer
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