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Art has always been my passion. My creative intention always to inspire, uplift and heal heart & soul through colour, visionary image and literary expression. Creation is quite simply a labour of love, through which I communicate my love, honour and comprehension of Love, Light and Life - as an immense, inter-connected, ever-evolving web of energy and consciousness.

No work of art is complete without the viewer. Your comments, collaborations and feelings are often inspirational, encouraging and sometimes necessarily challenging along this creative journey, and so your continuing participation and support is infinitely valuable and gratefully appreciated.

Many of my viewers and followers express a desire to connect with, support and collect my art, but are not yet ready to purchase or commission outright. I believe that patronage is an excellent solution, as it offers my followers and collectors an alternative way to become more personally and intimately connected with my creative process. Patronage provides new possibilities for creative collaboration, offers affordable means for my collectors to select and acquire the art they love the most, and ultimately enables me to fully focus on the creative development and creation of increasingly valuable new work.

Just now I am seeking support for the development of a series of works inspired by the Ocean. The Ocean has always held an especially deep fascination for me. There's something deeply compelling about such incomprehensibly vast depths, hidden mysteries and powerfully destructive capacity in this earth-embracing element that will just as soon rock us to sleep like a babe in mother's arms, soothed by the sound and sway of it's gently lapping waves.

Not surprising then how the classic seascapes of JMW Turner and his peers held me captivated for hours at the National Gallery in London, soaking up every brushstroke and nuance.

It has been over a decade since I attempted my first, small Turner seascape study, but it was not until relocating to the Pacific Northwest I first attempted to capture those stormy, wind-whipped ocean waves, thanks to the encouragement and confidence of several inspiring, supportive friends, collectors and patrons.

Simultaneously challenging and therapeutic, I find this ocean series has become a metaphor for the ever-changing tides and weathers of life itself while surviving this creative journey through often unchartered and perilous waters, I am finally learning to lighten the load, batten down the hatches and adjust my sails to match the prevailing winds. Destination currently unknown, no land or harbour in sight... but always the brilliant light on the horizon, the sparkle on the waves,and the wind at my back compelling me onward, for'ard, seaward...

With your continuing support and encouragement, I would like to develop this series into a life-long creative project, amongst others, and I am increasingly keen to direct my creative journey here beneath the surface into the depths of underwater worlds. 

NB: Every C J Elsip Gift Certificate awarded to my patrons will increase pro rata in line with the retail value of my work until they are redeemed. 

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