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Welcome to Shiki’s Strings & Small Things, a literary journal. Read on, and please patronize. Strings, like the beginning meander of a storyteller’s tongue, and small things–which make his word-weaving–are what we deal in.
To worry the ends more fully out of our name, please see haiku poet Shiki; and for small things, refer to Chesterton, mangers, child’s games, marbles and / or hobbits, including but not relegated to a multiplicity of unnamed ‘umble creatures.
In this cyber nook, you will find snapshots, excerpts and updates on the print side of the venture, as well as the opportunity to post letters to the editor(s), comments on the development, and submission guidelines if you are one of our ever welcome-willing-contributors.

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If we reach 15 patrons by Halloween, our magazine will host a gratis open-mic open-house evening in Boston. This event will include a poem-on-demand station, and an opportunity to hear some of our artists read or perform their work. All storytelling is narrative, and all narrative is epic when spoken: from crafter to listener.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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