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About CJ and Darren

We are a creative couple. We create things with our hands, many things that may include fashion accessories, art pieces, or any other thing we find to do.

We are also creating videos, as well as a written series, called "Behind the Desk".

What we wish to accomplish with this series is to take technology, which can be a terrifying,
confusing, or just mystifying subject for some, and make it easier to understand. For example we have run into many people that think computers, and by extension most technology and tools, a scary subject. We want to make it not so scary, maybe even help someone build their first computer from parts! 

No One should feel left out in the 21st century.

We also want to make use of the creation of these videos to show that people with Disability can use technology to their benefit. This could be just for hobbies, like baking your own bread,  or to open their own business. We want to show that just about anyone can use technology as a tool to advance their goals no matter what their disability. 

As I (Darren) am Dyslexic, I have always had to compensate for things and find new ways of learning things that many people find easy. For example: Maths or especially reading or writing. So with the "Behind the desk" series I want to help as many people understand the world of technology and for that matter many areas.

From CJ: I am rather seriously physically disabled. From having more curves in my spine than some roller-coasters, to a fairly advanced heart condition, I have to find ways all the time to do the things I want to do, without causing myself even more pain.  I look at tech, and even some every day, more mundane, items,  difficult to operate at times. I used to bake my own bread, make my own pasta, grind meats to make my own mince at a much cheaper cost. I loved to cook, can you tell, travel, and learn! The problem is that some of the medications I now take for my heart, really do tap my energy and make me tired much faster. So I look at things from a very different point of view from the able bodied people out there, and I deliberately look for ways that items can help me achieve my goals.

Together we have been telling companies, their PR teams, and others just how their products can help, or if they have some bonus to a disabled person we let them know they've done a good job. Now we want to share all of this with you!

Cj and Darren
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