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About courtney

Hi! I'm Courtney King, and I run C. King Solutions, a coaching and organizing practice that focuses on navigating life transitions. What does that mean? Well, I work directly with clients who are overwhelmed by both things and circumstances, usually as a result of dealing with life transitions. (you know, birth, death, moving, marriage, divorce, things that cause all kinds of upheaval.) I'm also really into disaster response and mental health first aid, both of which come up often in my work. Think of me as a project manager for your life.

I've been mulling over how to work with more than one client at a time, and here we are! This is a place for me to develop my practice for a larger audience. (that would be you!) Becoming a patron grants you access to my inside voice, my take on my chosen industry, and a front row seat for me developing more offerings. You'll also get to see how and why I weave adjacent fields into my work. You'll get dibs on my classes, early peeks at my posts and videos, and custom goodies as I dream them up. (or as you request!)
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