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The Ink
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The first step is marked by poetry.

We dedicate pieces of this genre to our patreons, by intention and mention too.

Since all the literature created here is meant to be part of published collections you can also look forward to the moment we do, you will all be called out there!

The Drop Off
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On a monthly schedule we will post personal critiques from a journalist's point of view.

What about? The daily news, but with a twist.  Not all stories are told completely on papers, there's always another side and that's what we are going to ponder on.

The Window
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We love Letters! Don't you?

Now, we are producing original digital postcards to send a message  for creative people that haven't ponder their talent just yet.

Emotive and with a small letter on it. As our patron, we will send you a new postcard with different aspects each month.




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Welcome, all readers! we compose a small - independent writer's room with a mission, create collections of short stories based on narrative reflections of real-life experiences, a structured world of fiction and poetry, essays about the study of characters and critics to society. All of those subjects, well distributed in three categories that define what I call the art of storytelling.

Our idea is simple, from Cactus Literario (the blog website) we give focus to these three perspectives:

1.Voice - La Voz (Poetry, and stories where strong emotions take full center place)
2. Echo -  Eco (The division where all echoes of live experiences meet and resound together)
3.Alchemy- Alquimia(Different characters who share the same universe but each with their own story)

Each one of these concocts a series of natural forms of expression that can only be resumed like this: 1-Emotions/Projections - 2-Action/Reflection - 3-People/Perspectives.

All these elements are intertwined at the same time. A connection is key, and that's what we showcase through literature, via our own anthologies; and through collaborations too.

Everyone who is interested and curious, please take one step ahead to know what we have to share with the world. Storytelling art!
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A better and more comfortable tool to edit our collections and take our work everywhere! A new Notebook.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts

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