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We're all travelers on this long, meandering road called life.  Why not travel that road together?

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About Craig Michael Curtis

Hello everyone!  My name is Craig Michael Curtis, from Phoenix, Arizona.  I am a writer and co-creator of a film making company called Squishy Studios for over a decade now, and have worked on numerous projects including the sci-fi/comedy web series Voyage Trekkers.  But my greatest passion is novel writing.  

Along with a Voyage Trekkers novella, Gambit of Chance, I have also written Elefante Bianco, a quirky novel about political intrigue on a tiny Mediterranean island, and a young adult adventure story set in the late '80's called Famous Adventurers Correspondence School.  My main focus now is on my fantasy/adventure series, Into the Realms.

Into the Realms is a series about a teenage boy and girl exploring a world of magic and monsters, and populated by humans taken from a contemporary Earth, along with their descendants, for generations.  Why they were brought here, what they should do, and what is to become of them, are mysteries the humans who have found themselves in The Realms have struggled with for centuries, and now it's Daniel and Eleanor's turn to face the dangers and wonders of this world to find the answers they seek.

It will be a long, 5-book series, with two books, The Other Side of the Gate, and The Empty Sea, already completed and the 3rd book in the series, Pyurik's Pursuit, nearly finished.  Writing and film making are endeavors that have taken enormous time and effort over the years, and could not have been able to get this far without the support of my fans.  Thanks to all of you for your support!

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