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coffee givers
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you bought my coffee... thanks !

You'll have your names in games where I can alter the names

Hug takers
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if you do that, you always have my spirituals hug !

same as before but rank discord

Includes Discord rewards
Friends ?
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I guess ?

same as before, but the possibility to participate in streams when I have a better connexion

Includes Discord rewards




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About Aeon

Okay, time to edit : I'm a new Streamer, I'm French and can speak english, and I can't work for psychological reasons. (Can't link events and emotions anymore, and I'm depressed basicaly everyday)

I can't force you to pledge, but if you have one or two spare bucks and enjoy my work... well I'm here ^^
$0 of $1,300 per month
I can live by streaming and doing video ! That way I can make more without issue !
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