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We thought of making some swag as a reward, but after giving it some thought, we feel our time is best served  focusing on creative that will grow that market. 

Once we get further along, we will be gifting swag 

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$5 a month, can help pay for the coffee and red bulls we fuel the creatives with. Or it can help keep the electricity on. Every dollar allows up to keep this campaign moving.

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$10 could help pay for stock photography, the internet bill, cloud storage, licensing of software and so on.
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The Crypto Market Ad Collective™ mission is to create an ongoing campaign for blockchain and the crypto market as a whole. We want to treat the market like a brand such as Nike, Google, Apple, and so on. Our goal is to build interest in the space of blockchain-based technologies by educating and shifting the brand perception of the market.

We are a group of creatives from the ad industry who have had the privilege to work on some of the top brands in the world. We want to apply our expertise and spread the word of blockchain and it's many possibilities. Look at what the "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" campaign did for the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA), or what the "Got Milk" Campaign did for the California Milk Processing board.

We need to stop talking to ourselves (The crypto community). We need to start speaking to policy makers, millennials, stock market investors, the mainstream market, and the X percent of people that are on the fence about the technology. To do this, we need the community's support. Together we can create a positive sentiment of the market. Together we can build awareness and educate people about blockchain-based technologies. Together we can make the future bright.

Build Strategy Plan.
Build Community of supporters.
Develop Brand Campaign and Educational campaign. 
Use initial funds for media (Research, Twitter, billboards, experiential, TV, etc)

Your support, at any level, helps the growth of this campaign - Thank you

- Crypto Market Ad Collective™

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When we reach 750 patrons, we will be able to bring on two freelancers or staffers to help with the content creation.
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