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We are a rambunctious, crude, and hopefully lovable four person YouTube gaming channel that is best known for our D&D stories. We have been dedicated to bringing content to our small audience for several years, and we would love to keep bringing gaming videos and D&D stories to you as long as we can.

Currently we are facing troubles bringing content to our viewers due to all of us living in separate parts of the country and working full time jobs. We can't quit our jobs but we'd like to have the time to make videos, stream and entertain while still being able to pay our bills.

That's why we are turning to Patreon! Hopefully you guys can help us put out content on a regular basis. As it stands our YouTube channel doesn't run any ads on our game play videos due to personal beliefs and only runs ads on our D&D stories. This is one of the reasons we have come to Patreon. With enough support, we can put out consistent content and keep it ad free.

We can't thank our supporters enough, and we wish we had more to give, but we will always be making content because we enjoy what we do!

Join our discord for questions or see what we are all about :
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