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About CPMG

Checkpoint Media Group (CPMG) is an ensemble of passionate gamers who have banded together to create gaming related content for your enjoyment. The content of our shows ranges from personal gaming experiences and stories to discussing the latest gaming news and rumors.

We have a lot of plans for shows that will hopefully bring a lot of laughs, but a couple of our shows to start:

The Checkpoint
A current events gaming show hosted by Ryan Marshall (@TheRuggedNerd) and Mike Supanich (@CP_Uoynwoi) that covers all things gaming. 

CP Stories
Our personal gaming stories told straight to you.  These tales are always from the heart and are a retelling of some of our best memories and experiences while playing video games alone and online.

Nothing to Play
Ever feel like you have nothing to play despite owning hundreds of games on steam? @CP_Uoynwoi runs through the first hour of a random Steam game and then discusses whether or not it is worth your time.

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We are committed to making high quality content frequently and consistently, we are adults with responsibilities.  Thank you for considering supporting us, we hope to bring you a lot of laughs and joy along the way!





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