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Welcome to the CRiTORA Patreon!

Who are you?

I'm Derek Spangler. I'm a 19 year old animator, artist, and character designer who likes to draw monsters based on animals. I'm currently working on an animated series called CRiTORA.
What are CRiTORA?
CRiTORA are fictional creatures that are central to CRiTORA. CRiTORA can be based on animals, plants, objects, or even robots or human-like designs.
How many CRiTORA are there?
There are 234 CRiTORA characters.
What will I be rewarded if I patron?
I'm still working on what I should reward you guys, but for now, I'll share alternative artwork of my CRiTORA characters.
What are your goals?
I plan to raise at least $500 in order to focus on the CRiTORA animated series and support myself.

Thanks for Visiting!

$0 of $500 per month
The money will be used to support myself and for the creation of the CRiTORA media franchise.
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