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You get your own Dance Central or Just Dance video, just for you! From any song in the Just Dance library, or songs from Dance Central Spotlight. I will even give a shout out to you, and you can even request a song for a future video!
NOTE: One dance request per person per month. If I did every single one, I would be too tired for any other videos!
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Have a vlog idea in mind I should do? Or just want to say hi to me as a fan? I will talk with you on Skype for one hour about anything you want! You will also get the previous reward of requesting a video for Just Dance and Dance Central!




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Hello there, my name is Corey, nicknamed CTK! I am a variety Gaming/Vlogging YouTuber that likes to present all kinds of entertainment in geek culture. From short comedy skits, to personal vlogs, to funny Let's Plays, I like to present myself as a content creator. I believe in making videos to help audiences smile, and laugh.

How long have you been on YouTube?
I started at the near beginning back in 2006, but the CTKaraoke name did not come into the picture until 2011 as a YouTube channel. I had a heavy focus on rhythm games and vlogging, but it wasn't until 2013 on CTKaraoke2 that I finally decided to branch out more and record other games. Since then, over 100 different games have been on the channel, picking from many obscure rhythm games and co-op games covering different genres.

Why should I donate to Patreon?
I believe in giving back to the community. When fans request for certain games a lot, I bring them back, and better than they were previously. Any contributions on this Patreon page will go towards games that will be used for future videos, as well as equipment to buy for Let's Plays.

What about the YouTube videos? Do I have to pay for those?
My YouTube content has always remained free, and will continue to do so. The donations are more to help aid the channel to become better for future content.
$0 of $20 per month
If I reach this goal, I promise I will buy one card each month (eShop/Xbox Live/PSN/Steam) to do as a giveaway for you guys!
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