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Coming to you live from parts unknown...it's the CTU Inc Productions profile on Patreon. First off, thanks for being a consumers of CTU Inc Productions digital web content, I truly appreciate it.

When you become a patron, in addition to supporting CTU Inc Productions, you will get content,  access and Community:

First and foremost, becoming a Patron of CTU Inc Productions gets you access to tons of exclusive content. This includes the weekly Patron 

Becoming a CTU Inc Productions a Podcast gives you exclusive access to to Island Nut, Ask Joe, Children of the Atom, and Waking up Wyandotte and the show guests. Myself and many other CTU Inc personalities are also active members of the patron Facebook group which is a great way for the CTU Inc community to feel part of the show. I like to do regular Facebook Live broadcasts through the patron group which allows patrons to ask me questions and see what goes on behind the scenes of the show. Patrons get early access to tickets for CTU Inc events like Live Know It Alls. I try to make the patron Facebook group a real portal into the world of CTU Inc. We post about shows, news in the reality show community as well as opinion polls that influence show content. I post podcast question threads in the patron Facebook group to give patrons additional access to my podcast guests.

Finally, becoming a Patron of CTU Inc invites you to be part of a community of superfans just like you. The Patron-only Facebook groups are filled with over 1000 Survivor fans and friends of the podcast who love interacting about the show.

Why I Am on Patreon

Patreon allows our community to make ongoing contributions to help fund the show on a monthly basis. Your support allows me to continue to podcast on a full-time basis with CTU Inc being my main focus. As the content network continues to grow, I'd like to be able to keep building my team to create more content and continue to improve the quality of the shows that I do.

I truly love digital content and getting to interact with this community. It has changed everything in my life. I hope that it’s been something that has brought you some happiness as well.

When you become a Patron of CTU Inc Productions, my aim is not only to allow listeners to make the financial contributions that make the creating possible, but to offer value to those Patrons in return.


Thanks for considering helping us out with a contribution. If you can't become a patron at this time, I understand and still appreciate you listening to the shows.

Hope you continue to enjoy the podcasts!