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About Glenn The Creator

Hello, all for one i like to thank all of you where have taken me this far, unfortunately, i have to do a common practice of online personality. I have to ask you for you help, i make comedy abridges on my channel, youtube, i have quite a few other videos on my channel i worked on before this project, youtube keeps demonetizing them, companies putting bogus third party claims, it's making it very difficult to bring you all high quality, and being able to afford to do it. Currently this abridged series that's so vegeta is not bringing me any money to help me to support myself, regardless i still want to bring laughs to your computer monitors. In order to keep high quality content coming at a resonable rate, i'm asking for only one dollar a month, you can help out a struggling comedian.
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With this i don't have to do side construction jobs in-order to pay my bills, on top of working 31 hours, plus being a youtuber :/, so i will be able to bring you longer episodes of that's so vegeta and other abridges.
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