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Doing Good!
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(For budget purposes, this is about $1.25 a week or 17cents a day)

Welcome to the start of our beautiful journey together...

Thank you for supporting me, watching and sharing my content.

I do this to put a smile on your face and that in return warms my heart.

Thank you for your help in my mission to put smiles on dials.

Love you!

Awesome is the name of the game!!
per month
$10 a month (0.5 g of weed in Australian street value or 2 lattes)

That's $2.32 a week or 33cents a day (for budgeting purposes again...)

You must enjoy good coffee...

Or may be even good weed...

Or maybe like me... a bit of both...

For this you get a copy of my Ebook "Memoirs of a Baked Barista" to help you through those tough bowel movements...

As it has recently been voted "Best Ebook to read while doing the doodoo" by myself and all the voices in my head.

Thank you and enjoy!

Super Awesome!
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$25 a month (a stick of weed in some parts of OZ or 5 coffees and a croissant)

That's $5.81 a week or 83cents a day (if you're still counting)

For this level of Super Awesomeness, you get my eternal gratitude and a free copy of my latest Ebook and I send you a yearly box of goodies for your birthday.




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As a devoted podcaster and coffee lover and sleep deprived parent, I want my podcast and most of the content that I put out to be free and available for anyone to enjoy, but in order to do that, I need some support...
Cuddles... Lotsa cuddles... and some money, that would be nice too.
The money you pledge will help keep food in my hand and weed on my daughters plate... I don't drink, so don't give me too much money, keep some for yourself to celebrate as well with a strong latte.
I will use any said donation to help me travel the land in search of coffee and coffee lovers of all shapes and sizes and share that coffee with the people who need it most.
I will bring back their stories and tales from behind the coffee machine of LOVE!
Give these poor coffee freaks a voice through me! I will be their martyr... for a price... 
Or really what I am trying to say is that I will use this money for good and not evil... and probably on coffee as well...
And I will be forever grateful for your act of kindness.
$9 of $1,000 per month
If I can get a thousand bucks a month, I hire an up & coming sound engineer to make me sound better and some extra help for the website in the future to make content faster and better for you to enjoy.

New gear would be on the shopping list for later down the line.

Some travel money would help me get in and out of a city and a bed in a backpackers to go and seek more caffeine adventures for you all to enjoy and share.
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