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If you donate 1 dollars i will send a personal email to you, explaining how much you mean to me, also i will name you in the credits
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If you donate 10 dollars i will write a song about you and make a music video in minecraft for it. I will speak to you on skype and talk about future videos. Also i will send you a tshirt signed by me.
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If you donate 100 dollars i will do all of the above, a face reveal, i will start streaming and do minecraft prank videos against noobs.




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Hello guys! I have a youtube channel. I build minecraft stuff and make other vids about other stuff when i feel like it. At the moment i dont have a job and dont make much money, since my diabetes and my gluten costs alot of money i started this youtube channel to get famous, but it doesnt give me alot of money. If you donate to me i will uppload new vids evry week, i will aslo make vids about the things you want me to do.
$1 of $2 per
I want to buy a new computer so i can make better vids and connect with you guys. At the moment im on my moms old windows vista, although its ok i want to buy a computer that can handle minecraft with shaders.
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