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per Disorder Photographed and Posted

About Cameron

A few years ago, I was diagnosed with severe, clinical depression. Through years of therapy, art and research, I crawled out of the hole. I experienced the recovery process and am impressed with how many support groups can be found online, not just for depression, but every disorder we know of.
Without the help of those reaching out to others with mental illnesses, the will to live would be nothing but a suffocating flame for those in need of that comfort and reassurance. 

I want to help others who are trying their best to help themselves; I know how difficult it can be without knowing someone understands their struggles.

I've been a professional photographer for 7 years, working with major corporations and fantastic people to help them promote their products and ideas. Even during the height of my depression, I would bring my camera everywhere I went. And during my time in the hole, I discovered the use of portraying my mental disorder through artistic means.
It helped me show people what it was like, but most of all, it helped other people not just know, but feel like they're not alone.
After my recovery, I created the Mental Disorders Photography Project. The feeling and experience various mental disorders portrayed through photography.

I want to continue this project, because I know it will help. With my full time job and responsibilities, I'm finding it difficult to capture the true essence of a disorder. I want to interview people, I want to research and better understand the different mentalities of those who need the help of others.

Any amount you'd generously contribute will go straight to the project.
Thank you for your consideration.

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