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About Cameron VanAusdal

Hello, thanks for visiting my Patreon page. Get a cup of coffee or a tasty beverage of your choice before you sit down.

First, you're probably asking yourself: "What is this Patreon thing and how does it work?" Great question! Nobody explains it better than Patreon themselves. So, give this a go.

Now, let's learn a little bit about me!

I am a published, award-winning photographer, artist, and filmmaker. I've been cultivating a lifelong love affair with one of the most beautiful things in nature - light.

Here you'll get video tutorials to help you create and you'll get to peep behind the scenes and see my work in progress. You'll be able to give me feedback, see my failures and share in the joy of my successes and so much more. I'll have how-to posts, break-downs of my work, videos, print discounts and the occasional gift sent to my supporters.

Most importantly let me say thank you! Thank you for supporting me and my creative itch and becoming a member of my community. 

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Let's focus on small achievable goals. 25 Patrons would be amazing. We can create art together, learn new things and start a community to give one another valuable and honest critiques of our work.

Come along for the ride!
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