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About Cameron Victor-Anguigh Warner

Me? You want to know about ME??? Goodness, why would anybody do that? XD All kidding aside, I'm a nice person; a photographer and a writer. I like to read and write and... hey! Have you checked out my novel?? It's on! (Souls of St. Lucia, book 1: Running with the Night) Go check my feed to find the links! I don't have much to offer but my time, story, and behind-the-scenes work - all of which you can find in the rewards! Welcome to the Warner Family! And thank you all for considering me worthy enough be have you as my Patron!
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I appreciate anything you can give! I know all of our budgets are tight... Currently I'm having a LOT of trouble affording a place or Max and I... and basic living expenses... and food... and a car... so thank you to all of my Patrons!!!
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