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Hello, my name is Campervan Kevin. I have a RV travel, vlog channel on Youtube. I am a full time RV'er that travels with my 3 Yorkies- Tucker, Baby MaeMae and Martini. Not long ago I started making videos about my daily life, rv tips and travels. My channel is doing very well and I have made friends all over the world doing so. I very much enjoy it!

I found this website and think that it is an excellent way to show your support for video and website creators. Many artists of all types are now using this site for fans to invest back into people and internet channels they enjoy listening to and watching! 

If you enjoy my videos, get value from them, appreciate the time that I put into them and you are able, how about invest back into the channel? My videos on youtube will always be free. But if you would like to support the channel once per month by spending the same amount you would for a cup of coffee or fast food lunch it would be much appreciated!

With the power of all my Patrons pledging to support the channel, The Campervan Kevin VLOG can continue to grow and I can bring you more and hopefully even better content! 

Thank you very much. Sincerely CVK
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