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really ? that's awesome !
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nobody is going to see this so I'll just say supercalifragilisticXPalidocious 

well that's highly unlikely to occure
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I feel like this is going to somehow end up costing me, going to bite me in the butt . you watch 

somebody is going to give me $10 ?
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for doing what I always do ? lol




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About Canadian Girl

welcome to my Patreon .
I rescue animals when I meet an animal in need , if I can help then I do .
I don't know what my next rescue will be but I guarantee there will be one .
whether its a
Lobster and mailing him home,
capturing a sick fox and treating him ,
taking in 6 cats from freezing to death , then taking a mother and her 5 babies bringing my total to 12 ,
washing a spider that got paint on him ,
checking on animals that got hit on the road just in case ( most are dead but a couple we managed to take home and give them love as they were dying )
or stopping work to take sick or injured animals to the vet ( cat, dog, fox, mice, goose, owl, or skunk)
I will always help whoever needs help so i'm probably destined to be broke lol but if you'd like to help that's lovely of you and I appreciate it .

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