Candy Medusa

is creating Art from Plastic Pollution, while cleaning our beaches
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1m of Clean Beach
per month

For one dollar month, I'll clean a square metre of beach for you, and you'll get a shout out on social media about it.

- The litter I pick up will be upcycled into art, recycled where possible, or disposed of properly as appropriate. 

- The data about litter I find will go to Marine Debris Tracker and the Marine Conservation Society, to be used in scientific studies and to help shape policy and increase protections for our environment.

- Your contribution also helps to fund time and resources for exhibitions, talks, workshops and outreach, raising awareness of plastic pollution and helping people to reduce their plastic footprint.

- You'll get access to exclusive patron only content.

- You'll get to enjoy that warm glow that comes from the knowledge that you're doing something good for your planet and everyone who lives here.

10m of Clean Beach
per month

Take a look at Tier 1; you get all those benefits, and I clean ten square metres of beach instead of one. Bargain :)

30m of Clean Beach
per month

Take a look at Tier 1; you get all those benefits, and I clean thirty square metres of beach instead of one. Wholesale planet-saving :)



About Candy Medusa

Hi, I'm Candy; artist, illustrator, marine biologist, loudmouth.

Here's a handy guide to what I do with the help of my patrons:

  • I clean the beach 
  • I make art by upcycling the plastic pollution I find on the beach
  • I show the art to other people in order to raise awareness of plastic pollution
  • I also give talks and workshops, make infographics, do social media stuff, work with lots of different groups, and lead community outreach
  • I show people simple ways to reduce their plastic footprint and how they can make easy changes that can have a big impact for the planet
  • I sometimes sail with the eXXpedition girls as resident artist aboard Sea Dragon, working to explore solutions to the impacts of single-use plastics in the world’s ocean
  • I hope to one day do myself out of a job, by tackling plastic waste so completely that there isn't any left for me to upcycle
  • I often eat cake
  • I fall over a lot

All of this (with the possible exceptions of cake eating and falling over) is made possible by people buying my art, donations, sponsorship, kickstarter pledges, and the kind support of patrons - I couldn't do it without your continued support, so massive thanks for your help.

Here's some of my upcycled plastic pollution art. You can see more, and find out more about what I do, at

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