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My names is James and I am from North Bay, Ontario, Canada. I am a single full time Dad to an 8 year old boy, and also care for my 11 year old rottweiler whom I cured of bone cancer 2 years ago with my home made cannabis oil.

I started my YouTube channel called CannabisSavesLives in February of 2016 becuase I wanted a place where everyone could some find imporant information on the health benifits of cannabis.

It was suggested to me that I start this Patreon account from some of my subscribers on my YouTube channel so here I am. To be honest I could really use a bit of help. My son and I just barely make it buy but there has been never any complaints here.

Any funds I may receive I would put towards getting a nice HD GoCam, or something simliar, so that I could give all you viewers out there a better quality stream. If there was anything extra after that I may even consider getting more grow equipment too!

Back in 2014 I experiences some life changes events that really opened my mind and eyes to the truth about cannabis. Since then I have taken control of my life, body, and mind, and have been trying to teach others how to do the same.

I am very passionate about educating others on the many benifits of cannabis including cultivating and consuming it RAW, in itts extracted form, and even smoking dried cannaibs safely. I believe it is everyones on this planets human right to consume this plant.

Futhermore once one learns the real truth about the cannaibs plant, and how it can bring homeostasis to the human body & mind it's a very empowering feeling.

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