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About Capes And Scowls Podcast

Capes And Scowls Podcast is an old school comic book podcast started all the way back in the archaic year 2010. In a world of few podcasts, let alone anything "nerd themed", a shining light appeared. That was probably Kevin Smith....but right behind him in a much more dimly lit corner was us, the mighty Capes And Scowls!!!

Capes And Scowls has featured a rotating cast over the years. We have tackled topics from the worlds of comics, movies, video games, pro wrestling, mixed martial arts and much more.  We have brought you interviews of creators promoting their works from the likes of Archie, IDW, Oni Press, Image, Northwest Press, Dynamite and some company called Marvel. We also reach out to small press, web comics, and those who self publish and give them the spotlight they deserve.

Let's talk about your dollar and why it is better spent on us than your family, friends, and loved ones. Loved ones can live off of your praise and love.  We can't... we need money. Sponsoring a fledgling podcast such as ours will enable us to do several awesome things:

- Cover our web fees.
-Allow us to expand and hire more talent.
-Allow us to get the guests you want to hear.
-Create merchandise so we can be self-sufficient.
-Get my wife off of my back!
-Fund our comic habbit so we buy more to review. (We often give away what we review eventually).
-Start a program of conventions.
-Allow us to open our hearts and let love back in.
-Money isn't everything but it would sure help us improve our audio equipment.

(Totally awesome video coming soon!!!!)
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Greatly increase our production value. I want to sound like I am in the room right next to you. Once we start updating our equipment, we can start adding new and better YouTube content as well as more frequent audio on our website.  After the audio is updated we can start branching out and traveling to further cons and visit a city near you!
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