Captain Obvious

is creating Analytical Videos, Satire
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About Captain Obvious

Hello there! Welcome to my Patreon page, if you're here it means you're somewhat interested in supporting my channel, Even a $1 is much appreciated. Patreons will have access to patreon only content as well as voting on a topic for the monthly Patreon picked video (Which everyone can access on the channel). 

For those who don't know who I am, I'm Christian J. Davens and I make a few series:
Captain Obvious which mainly is an analytical series mixed with jokes and serious cinematic moments.
WTF Comments is a series where me and others look at comments that make you go WTF.
IRL is a half-improve half-scripted "Vlog" series that follows Chris J Davens and his friends.
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I'll go to OneMadNuggets house and ditch a bunch of nuggets at him for an exclusive, Patreon only video.
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