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Hi everyone, Josh Seguin here. Musician/Guitarist/Producer for bands such as Mute the Saint and P.D.P. Thank you so much for your patronage. You have no idea how much effort I put into the creation of my music and vids. I'm so happy to now have an outlet where I can share all of my new work with the people that matter the most... you! The fans and patrons! Directly!!

I create exciting musical adventures,  in which I'm usually playing guitar, and usually everything else. I feel I've been placed on this planet here and now to share the art that I've found matters the most: Truth, and the human condition, displayed as a wild joy ride through the cosmos, and back to the source. If having adventures like this seems like fun to you, then please become a patron :D Hope to hear from you soon and thanks again for finding me!!

-Capt. Shred
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