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Just one dollar each month is a huge help to this community and shows that you want to be a part of its growth and long term success.  To thank you for your amazing contribution, I want to reward you with the following:
- Membership access to the CarbonsGaming Mumble server.
- Vote in anything that affects the CarbonsGaming community.
- Eligibility for CarbonsGaming rewards, prizes or gifts, raffles or giveaway draws.
- Invite to CarbonsGaming private Steam group.
- Invite to CarbonsGaming private Facebook group.
Includes Discord benefits
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I am committed to providing a variety of game servers that allow this community to game together without having to deal with the problem elements of online gaming.  In order to make our gaming experience as fun and efficient as possible, some additional resources are required.  To thank you for helping this community get to the next level, I want to reward you with the following:
- Everything that comes with a $1.00 monthly contribution.
- Whitelist access to all CarbonsGaming game servers.
- Vote on CarbonsGaming server game choices and settings.
Includes Discord benefits
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This community is primarily designed to reward those who love and support it.  However, it is still my goal to make the community as accessible as possible to our friends, family, and guests from the outside world.  This is one of the best way to promote growth, as well as makes our community more fun and active in general.  For your help keeping this community as open to the public as possible, I want to reward you with the following:
- Everything that comes with a $3.00 monthly contribution.
- Reserve slot access on a CarbonsGaming server of your choice.
- Your own permanent channel on the CarbonsGaming Mumble server.
- Membership access for a second Mumble user account.
Includes Discord benefits




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My vision is an online community in which everybody feels respected and accepted for who they are.  I will provide voice communication and game servers, and see to the administration of these servers so that our community is able to use them in a way that most benefits us, without having to deal with all the crap the internet has to offer.  I will do my best to see that these servers are used in a way that shows respect to all other members of this community, and remove any problem elements as quickly as possible.  A private Steam group and Facebook group will be provided to help members network with each-other.  In addition I will be using my Twitch stream to highlight the activities of our community and try to create an influx of new cool people for us to meet, talk to, and game with.
$49 of $200 per month
If/when we reach this goal, we will have a vote on which game we would like to host our next server/servers for, and as with Counter-Strike, the size, settings, and number of servers will be adjusted on an ongoing basis to meet the current needs and available resources of this community.
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