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Hey! My name is Canyon, I'm a traditional watercolor artist currently both writing and painting Peril Melodia, an original Dark Fantasy/Sci-fi story which will be turned into a series of narrative art-books and other forms of media. Peril Melodia is "The tale of God, men, and those in between." for more detailed information, check out my website at!

What this Patreon Provides:
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This Patreon enables me to continue to work on Peril Melodia's story and artwork on a Full-Time basis, without having to take as many commissions or work jobs outside of my artwork, which is my first priority!

Here is the general progress that's been made for each of the characters individual stories, the artwork for the story, and the project overview!
Most of the core characters have finalized designs, and I'm only working on simply creating more paintings of them for people to see. For some characters I only have a vague image of them in my head, however their stories are nearly complete! It really varies depending on the importance of the character and what I'm trying to go for with the design.When a completely final draft goes off for editing and review I'll update this bar, currently most of the story is spread over several pages and documents, being organized and strung together meticulously in the still hours of the night.World-building, my favorite part of all of this whole project, the details, cultures, traditions, cities, buildings, characters, factions, gods, demons, weapons, and spells.

As I continue to write the story, I add detail as needed for what the plot requires. Once the plot has all of the detail required to smoothly progress with you all properly immersed, I will then continue to finish the other half of the work in this bar.

My main priority is finishing the story, working on the art, and writing the characters. Adding more details to the world, like past kings, favorite local foods, fun traditions, ancient heroes, all  come on an as-needed basis for now.This sort-of goes with the world-building section, but these are things like poems, old songs, torn pages from old books. Things or details that may not be directly key to the story, but get you more familiar or immersed in the world itself. I can write flavor text all day, which is why I try to restrict myself from doing so until I finish more central or critical stories.Each time I complete the full summary of a plot-line I'll send it off for editing and revision, then begin to finalize the writing. One of my good friends, Michael, is an author and editor. He is my creative consultant and editor, helping make sure I don't completely botch the story by ending it all with: "And then he woke up in a hospital, he then knew it was all a dream."

Here are some brief descriptions and details about some important characters and plot-lines that you can be looking forward to! I'll add some artwork to these in the coming weeks.A soldier employed by the Seadren Cathedral of Eliel, she loves to laugh and enjoys drinking with her subordinates. Frequently criticized by other officers for her seemingly informal behavior, her professional results are undisputed, and strict attitude towards responsibility has created some of the most effective troops ever seen within the Seadren walls.Eliel, the god of gods, who created Aegith, and Aegith, the first man, created by Eliel. With ambition greater than god himself and a world filled with opportunity, what will become of the first of Eliel?She was born into a twisted society of those who push the boundaries of the forbidden and forgotten, dwelling within the ruins of an ancient city deep below the surface of the earth.

Avma seeks truth greater than ritual or magic can provide, eventually happening across a being from an age all but forgotten, what will she learn as she peers from the darkness?Pelagea, a being of great wisdom and power who was created shortly after the dawn of creation, is enticed by Aegith, the first man, to aide him in his plans of cosmic proportion. Though there are things unknown and dangers to beware for even the wisest of the ages.Mjirant and Ixith are two of the "Sons of Heaven", a heavenly race of beings created by Eliel. Mjirant is a builder and an architect, Ixith is a writer of songs and hymns and wields a beautiful voice. With their own creations used for wickedness by ones who would seek their destruction, how will they fare when even heaven cries out?One of the first creations of Pelagea, Ravichandran was referred to as "The Malevolent." With mercy received in the most unexpected form, how will he forge his own story after having his own life forged by someone else?Beings created by Pelagea and commissioned by Eliel, these souls were bound by grief and confusion, later resurrected and placed within new bodies for the opportunity to come to terms with themselves. Though their new lives do not come without responsibility.
A father, Yurien, choir director to the Seadren Cathedral, is provided with an ancient and mysterious flame. He enlists his daughter, Myirya, to help unlock it's secrets and seek the return of Eliel using the flame. Though not all powerful things are of holy origin.The daughter of Aegith and born of many powers. Her bloodline runs deep within those of the city of Seadren. Though they inherit the iniquities of their fathers, their choices are their own.A woman who made herself great through any means available, she seeks the one thing that she cannot seem to have, how will the consequences for her ambitions shape the world moving forward?
The first beings created of Pelagea and born through unholy means. Death was not the end for these few.

Thank you for enabling me to work so hard on a project that I love so dearly!

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