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About Cardboard Head

Within this cardboard head is a world alive with concepts for original works, entertainment and content reviews, and parody videos. Most of these concepts are random and unserialized.

I need your help to purchase better equipment (audio and video), to build a home studio, and to secure monthly service subscriptions (like Adobe).

I will never be able to quit my day job, but with your support, I can make each video better than the last and supplement my income with professional work I can create using the same equipment (voice acting and voice overs).

Thank you!
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When I reach $150 per month, I will set aside a portion of this to help keep the lights on, and the bulk of it for:

A) a new digital camcorder
B) an audio recorder and a shotgun or other microphone
C) a new XLR microphone, preamp, stand and cables dedicated for voice overs
D) building a home studio
E) an audio and video editing suite subscription, or
F) all of the above.

I am largely starting from scratch, and your support will go toward a cumulative goal as the majority of purchases listed are well above $150 for any individual item. 

Thank you.
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