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Hello Everyone! My name is Bryce Houston. Current serving National Guardsmen, and College Student for software, and video game design. 

I am looking to start a dream of mine for years. I have always really been into playing cards. Magic, and Pokemon. I have always wanted to start something that I could do being with what I love to do playing and collecting cards. So came Cardmazon!

Cardmazon is a website that is in VERY early alpha stages. We currently have had a few customers, but are looking to make something huge. It is a ecommerce website where we are selling packs of pokemon cards at a discounted rate, and free shipping. We love the idea we have started up, we are just currently working out the kinks, and looking how to expand. 

We are planning to do a lootcrate system. Starting next month ( November 2018 ) We are looking to release our first pokecrate. This is going to come included with a bunch of items, and 3 packs! Early detonators on Pateron will be the first to receive these items, and at a discounted rate!

We are deck builders first. We are starting a service will we will build a deck ( All Modern, and legal cards.) from the base packs. Early donators on Patreon will be able to access this too!

So please come check us out at! If you have any questions you can feel free to ask on the forums on our website, or ask here!

Thanks for helping my dream come true! 
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This is the goal we have set to start out. This will get us a good website, and be able to buy all the items needed for a few months lootcrates. This is a goal to get us on our feet!
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