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About Dux

Thank you for bringing me into your career. You're on the right path to a refined resume, polished interview, and more job offers. 

I'm the host of CareerCloud Radio. A Podcast dedicated to Career advice and Job search insights. Brought to you by CareerCloud.com this podcast has been around for more than 5 years. With over 300 episodes archived by the founder, Chris Russell, I'm excited to work on this show and continue producing episodes with excellent career advice and tips for jobs seekers.

  "It doesn't matter what you said, it matters what they heard" ~Frank Lutz

The rewards are organized by monthly contributions because we currently release episodes monthly. However, that value you may increase as I have many guests booked for the coming months. Your contributions encourage me to release those episodes sooner and continue to record new and innovative episode ideas (Examples include "Career insight found in mythology", "How will AI impact the job search in coming years?"). Editing each episode takes up to 4 hours by myself. I'd love to hire a podcast editor as I have 5-10 unreleased episodes in production at any time.  

Lastly, the higher reward levels are for pioneers. Longtime listeners or active job seekers looking to prepare themselves for an immediate career opportunity. These spots are limited so that I can provide those rewards quickly before the next release of an episode. At the higher levels we fully anticipate patrons will upgrade to that level for a while they have job opportunity in the works. Then, when they get the job or change direction, they can reset back to a listener or observer level. 

Thanks again for supporting our podcast and pioneering new platforms for practicing for job interviews.

Justin Dux
Host of CareerCloud Radio
Hobby Comedian

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