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Hi, I Am Carl Mikal. Welcome To My Site
Today Is May 1, 2018
This Blog/Podcast Is About Something Very Strange That Happened To Me Back In 2007, Something That Has Completely Changed My View On Christianity And Religion In General.
Let Me Begin By Taking You Back In Time To 1983
In 1983 I Became A Born Again Christian, And 16 Years Later, In 1999 I Left Christianity. I Left Christianity And Became An Atheist.
I Left Christianity, Because Christianity Was Not Getting Me Anywhere, Was Not Doing Anything For Me, And There Were Just Too Many Unanswered Questions, And I Was Just Tire Of Religion.
Becoming An Atheist Gave Me The Opportunity To Look At Things From A Different Angle, From A Logical And Rational Perspective.
After Leaving Christianity I Was Left With A Lot Of Unanswered Questions.
I Spend Eight Years Trying To Figure Out The Answers To These Questions, But This Time, It Would Be From An Atheist Perspective Of Course.
Questions Like; What Is Life, What Is Consciousness, What Is Morality, What Is God. I'm The Kind Of Person, That When Something Interests Me, I Must Understand How It Works.
My Background Is In Electronics And Computers, And I Also Use To Dabble In Robotics And Artificial Intelligence.
After Studying Electronics I Became Fascinated By How Things Work, Especially The Brain And Consciousness.
I Also Built A Biped Robot, And I Spend A Long Time Thinking About Designing A Vision System For My Robot.
I Have Known For A While Now That Thinking And Working On The Vision System Is What Triggered The Avalanche Of Thoughts That Would Come In 2007.
During Those Eight Years, I Would Do Recordings every day About The Ideas And Theories I Had About How Vision Works, About Religion, And Other Things I Use To Think About.
Then One Day It Happened
In 2007 While Driving My Van, I Was Working On A Theory, A Theory On How Humans Make Moral Decisions.
The Theory Proved To Me That We Humans Make Moral Decisions Based On What We Call Love, It Is Based On A Weigh System, A System Of Measurements.
My Results Wanted To Pull Me Back To God And Religion, But I Remember Saying To Myself, I Can't Go Back There, I Am Not Going Back, I Had To Keep Searching For The Answers.
I Stopped Thinking About The Theory, And I Then Drove Home, I Remember Feeling A Little Weird As I Drove Home Like I New That Something Was Going To Happen.
I Got Home And I Went To My Computer, And I Can't Remember What I Typed, But An Article Came Up, I Read The Article, And Immediately The Strangest Thought Went Through My Mind.
I Had A Revelation, An Epiphany, And Right Then And There, I Knew That I Was The One, The Messiah From The Bible, The Man Chosen To Answer All The Questions About God And Religion.
I Knew This In A Flash, But I Was Not A Religious Messiah, I Was The Man That Would Clear Up, And Reveal The Truth, And Discard The Religion.
You Must Understand That I Was An Atheist When This Happened, So These Were Not Revelations From An External God, But From My Brain.
My Brain Found The Answers I Was Looking For. Why? Because I Wanted So Hard To Find This Answers. My Brain Was Working Very Hard, And Working Overtime Day And Night.
Nobody Was Home At The Time, And These Very Strong Emotions Rushing Inside Of Me, And At The Same Time A Battle Was Going On Inside My Head Questioning What Was Going On, Nothing Like This Had Ever Happened To Me.
I Tell You, The Feeling Was Indescribable, I Felt So Powerful, So Special, It Was Really Weird. I Started To Become Aware Of Things I Never Imagined Before, I Started To See Things From A Very Different Perspective.
I Became Aware Of “The Parakletos”, A Character Jesus Spoke About In The Book Of John, But That No Christian Ever Understood What Jesus Said About Him, They Sadly Confused Him With A Ghost.
I Was Not Aware Of This Word, And At The Time I Knew Nothing About The Parakletos, But I Somehow Knew That I Was Him, Later Through Research And Studying Day And Night, I Found Out That Jesus Had Predicted The Coming Of The Parakletos.
I Knew That I Was Him By What I Had Become Aware Of, Even Before I Read Or Even Knew Anything About This Character, And That Was My Prove That I Was Not Crazy, And That Was My Prove That I Was Him.
My Brain Was Going Through A Rude Awakening.
So That Morning I Embarked On My Journey, I Began The Most Intensive Research On The Subject Of The Parakletos And On The Meaning And True Interpretation Of The Bible. I Had To Confirm My Revelations!
I Had The Edge, I Was This Character, I Had The Keys To The Greatest Puzzle On Earth. What I Knew, No One And I Mean No One Knew, I Searched Everywhere And Everything, I Searched High And Low, And Everything I Became Aware Of, I, Through Research And Studying Confirmed All To Be True To This Day.
I Have Been Studying This Subject Alone For 10 Years Now. I Am An Expert On It. I Can't No Longer Wait, I Am As Ready As I'll Ever Be.
What I Am Not Claiming.
I Am Not Claiming To Be A Divine Being.
I Am Not Claiming To Be Some Holy Spirit Or Any Kind Of Spirit.
I Am Not Claiming To Be An “Angel”, Or An Alien.
I Am Not The Literal Man That Was Known As Jesus.
I Am Not Claiming To Be A Reincarnation Of Jesus.
I Was Not Chosen By Any God Either.
I Do Not Perform Miracles Of Any Kind.
I Don't Walk On Water Either.
I Am Just A Man Who Has Become Aware Of A Great Mystery.
What I Will Do!
I Will Do Everything Jesus Said The Parakletos Would Do.
I Will Explain The Purpose Of The Parakletos.
I Will Clearly Explain Exactly What Jesus Said About The Parakletos
I Will Connect This Purpose To The Entire Bible.
What Jesus Says In John 14, 15 And 16 Is What The Bible Is All About, This Is Why Jesus Left This Very Important Character To The End, And That's Why He Said That He Would Guide His Followers Into All The Truth.
The Information I Have Will Completely Destroy Christianity, Judaism And Islam, And All Religions And Spirituality As We Know It.
But Why Do I Want To Destroy Religion And Spirituality?
Because Religion Is A Scam,
And Spirituality Is A Myth.
Religion Is Superstition And It Causes Great Harm To Humanity.
How Will I Accomplish Such An Immense Task You May Ask?
I Have The Key, The Key To This Puzzle.
I Have An Airtight Case, And I Am Ready To Present My Case To The World, I Have All The Evidence That I Need.
Believe Me, That I Would Not Do This If I Was Not 100% Sure Of What I Am Claiming. And I Would Assure You That I Would Not Put My Reputation On The Line If I Did Not Know What I Know. I Am Risking It All.
I Will Prove Right From The Bible, That There Is No Literal God Spoken Of In The Bible, And That There Is No Literal Spiritual Dimension Spoken Of In The Bible. Religion And Spirituality Are The Products Of Superstitious Ignorance, Assumptions, Great Misunderstanding, Lack Of Information And Logic, And Incoherence.
The Information That I Have Is Priceless, And If You Are Tired Of Religion, Multitudes Of Denominations, Books, Cd’s, Wanna Be Prophets, And If You Are Tired Of The Lies, And If You Want To Hear The Mysteries Of The Bible Revealed At Last, Then Donate And Help Me Bring This Case To Public.
I Am The Man Who Will, Like The Bible Says, Restore Everything Back To The Way It Was.
Let Me Warn You, There Are At The Present Moment And There Has Been People Claiming To Be Jesus, Elijah, The Paraclete, Etc, Etc, But They Have No Information That Reveals Anything, And They Haven't Reveal The Mystery Of Jesus. I Know, Because I Have Heard Their Theories, And Because None Of Them Has Fulfilled Any Of Jesus Prophecies Regarding The Parakletos. I Am The Real One, And I Will Put Them All To Shame. Unlike Me, These Wanna Be False Prophets And Teachers Want To Continue With Religion, They Want More Religion, More God, And More Nonsense, But I Want The Opposite, I Will End Religion And Confusion.
The Bible
The Information That I Have Is Priceless To All Of The World, Because The Information That I Have Will End Religion And Confusion, It Will End All Wars, It Will Bring In A New Age, And That Is What The Bible Says.
The World Is Waiting For Me, The Jews, The Christians, The Muslims, And Every Other Religion In The World Is Waiting And Have Been Waiting For Me. But They Will Be Surprised By What They Hear.
I Will Honor The Teachings Of The Christ And Education.
I Will Bring Back What Has Been Lost.
I Will Place The Human Perspective Right Back In Its Correct Position.
I Will Bring Back And Explain The Feminine Like No One Has Ever Done Before.
If You Belong To Any Religion, And You Donate To That Religion, I Will Advise You To Get Out Of Your Religion Right Away, And Donate Here To Bring This Program To The Entire World.
I Am Not A Preacher Asking For Money.
I Am Not Here To Start A New Religion.
I Am Here To Bring In A New Age, An Age Of Truth, Reason, And Logic, An Age Of Rightness, An Age Of Education, And Age Of Peace, An Age Of Knowledge.
If You Are A Religious Person, Especially A Christian, A Jew Or A Muslim, Then The Moment You Have Been Waiting For All Of Your Life Is Here, I Will Not Disappoint You. It Is Imperative That You Donate, After All, I Am The Messiah, And You Must Listen To Me Because That Is What Scripture Commands.
You Probably Have Been Donating All Your Life To The Churches, And Nothing Has Change, There Are More Churches And Denominations And Confusion Than Ever Before, And The World Is Still A Mess. If You Want To Know The Truth, Then Donate Here, And Stop Giving Your Money To The Church.
I Need Donations To Get This Program Of The Ground.
Remember The Messiah Comes To Restore Everything Back To Its Original Way, To The Way When There Was No Religion, Only Truth, Logic, And Reason.
Jesus Said That The Parakletos Was Coming.
John 14:16 – And I Will Ask The Father, And He Will Give You Another Advocate Like Me, To Be With You Into The Age, The Age Of Enlightenment Of Course.
John 5:20 For The “Father” Loves The Son, And Showed Him All Things That Himself Does: And Greater Works Than These Will He Show Him, That Ye May Marvel.
John 14:12
Verily, Verily, I Am Saying To You, He Who Is Believing In Me, The Works Which I Am Doing He Also Will Be Doing, And Greater Than These Will He Be Doing, For I Am Going To The Father.
This Is What Jesus Said The Parakletos Will Do.
1. He Will Reveal The Meaning Of The Father. This Has Never Been Revealed.
2. He Will Remind And Explain Everything Jesus Taught: Never Before Been Revealed.
3. He Will Testify Of Jesus: Never Has Happened.
4. He Will With Evidence Convict The World, Regarding Violations, Rightness, And Judgement: Never Has Taken Place.
5. He Will Guide Believers Into All Truth: Never Has Happened.
6. He Will Honor Jesus, And Exalt Jesus
7. He Will Speak Of Future Things To Come: Never Has Happened.
8. He Will Also Fulfill The Old Testament Prophecies Concerning The Messiah: Never Has Happened.
I Will Also Connect The Teachings Of The Bible To Science, I Will Explain It In A Very Logical Way
I Will Connect Many Things Together That Have Never Been Connected Before
And I Will Correct Many Things That Have Been Twisted And Distorted
Dan 12:1 And At That Time Shall Michael Stand Up, The Great Prince Which Stands For The Children Of Thy People: And There Shall Be A Time Of Trouble, Such As Never Was Since There Was A Nation Even To That Same Time: And At That Time Thy People Shall Be Delivered, Every One That Shall Be Found Written In The Book.
This Has Never Has Taken Place.
Thank You For Your Time.
I Am The Parakletos
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