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About Carl Sjostrand

Who I am:

My name is Carl Sjostrand and I make the comic Ginger's Bread. With your patronage, I can continue to do so, and hopefully give greater time and attention to Ginger and her adventures.

Individual Monthly Rewards:

Pretty simple! The different levels include the access to the activity stream (including getting the new comics early), the monthly wallpaper, Google hangouts, a monthly signed print, and even a sketch by me. You can see the rewards off to your right!

Sketch Ground Rules - One character, no "Adult", and no overly complex scene. I want to make sure there's time to make sure you get your reward timely while still having time to make comics for everyone. I have veto power over requests, so if you're unsure if what you want will work, contact me ahead of time and we'll see what we can do!

Campaign Goals:

Basically, the more money I'm earning making comics, the more time I can take off my day job to make more comics. So the campaign goals are really to make more comics or you. I hope you're interested in making that happen!


- Carl

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