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per Creation: Book, Poem/Song, Photo, Knit, Apron, Skein


I've been an artist for as long as I can remember; drawing, painting, and writing poetry.  Despite being prolifically creative, I've very rarely shared my work with anyone.  

Why not share before??  Because each piece is a vulnerable part of me:  a glimpse, or long look, into my open heart.  

Why share now??  Because I create to express 'something', in order to inspire that 'something' in others.... a concept, a thought, an emotion, a feeling.  Art is nothing without someone responding to the expression/impression.  

I invite you to look, see, and FEEL.  Immerse yourself..... and you will discover 'something' that was previously an unknown mystery.

Notice the intricate beauty in life around you. Lose yourself in unexpected adventure stories that leave you with a sense of breathtaking realization and a craving for MORE!

In between photos, paintings and poems/songs, Patreons who Pledge will enjoy my original professionally handmade gifts: Knit/crochet goods, The Original CarlaHeart aprons, homegrown handspun Mohair yarns and everything else that my heart is inspired to create!!

$0 of $1,200 per Creation: Book, Poem/Song, Photo, Knit, Apron, Skein
Publish a coffee table book of original photographs of (and inspiration for) my earlier costume and fashion designs.  A collector's piece.  Inspirational, Educational.
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