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Aspiring to work in the animation industry, but until then I'm displaying my writing and videos.

Here, I'll post a variety of short stories, scripts, poems and some of my full-novel work. This includes Fallen Máni, my earliest novel (2013-present); as it's far from finished and refined, up-dates will occur periodically, as well as Matahouroa, an MTG fanfic project, previously also displayed on No Goblins Allowed and others sites, and as such entirely for free.

I'm working on a proper movie project, Aethersworn. If I achieve my goal then I'll reveal the current contents. This includes scripts, notes, worldbuilding guides and commissioned artwork.

Now currently have my first Kindle ebook, "Eight Years Of Light And Dark" on sale. It is a compilation of several poems and short stories you can also find here.
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