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Who am I?
I’ve been called “a modern-day Leonardo da Vinci” but that’s too lofty a title for me. I’m just a simple guy who likes to collect skills. My passion is finding things floating in people’s imaginations, learning how to create them, then making them real for people to enjoy. Seeing their reaction to the things I make stokes my creativity. Like the biggest thrill for me was about a year ago when I worked with my brother to create his escape rooms. As the first test group came through the door, entering this world I created, I was so excited that I turned to him and said, “They’re walking through my art!”

You see, I’ve been into RPGs and dungeons and dragons since I was a kid. I loved creating the stories that are more than just a theater of the mind but could be there physically. This couldn’t be just another escape room, but each room had to tell a story, including the waiting room.

It was important to me that from the minute the escape artists walked through the door, they entered another world. No detail was too small to focus on. I remember thinking, “I’m able to hit on all senses!” The wonder of helping people experience what was going on in my twisted mind kept me going for days with little sleep.

Another thrill was during a recent homeschool convention. (Yep, I’m a homeschooling dad of 2 boys who just graduated his first high school student.) The convention was happening right before Disney’s Galactic Nights where my youngest brother and I would be wearing Jedi costumes I made. We got it in our heads to don the costumes and stroll through the hotel and convention center, toting the lightsabers I created. Crowds gathered around us. People young and old asked to take pictures with us. For my brother, it was his dream come true. For a few hours, he WAS a Jedi.

That is what makes art so important to me. Art is about bringing people’s hopes, dreams, and imagination to life. That is why I am on Patreon - to gain the tools and freedom to help people visualize what is only a vague dream in their mind.

As I’m creating, there’s always a deep story behind everything I do. Even someone else’s creation like the Marvel characters. I think about who they are, their story, what brought them to the place where they are – they must come to life in my mind, so I can translate them into reality for others to see and experience. You could say that my art is about turning people’s fantasies into reality.

Turning fantasies into reality
That was the first company I started as a teen, ‘Fantastic Reality’. It was all about bringing people’s fantasies to life. I took their RPG character descriptions and put them on paper so they could see what they looked like. But paper was never enough for me. Paper and canvas are cool, but it’s that third dimension – being able to put my hands on the reality of it – that is where it’s at for me. (At this point, I need a better 3D printer, because the one I am using is really tired.)

Many times, I would never have thought to make X until someone asks for it. Then I get passionate about learning to create the thing they want. What things? I’m glad you asked!

In addition to the escape room and Jedi costumes and lightsabers, I’ve made props for haunts, a life-size TARDIS for a Dr. Who convention, Black Widow’s batons, a Dragon Skull Headdress, a life-size Rocket Racoon, as well as other life-size figures, costumes, movie replicas, murals, furniture, 3d models, small electronics, mechanical prototypes, collages, paintings, and sculptures. As you can see, I work in any medium to achieve what someone asks me to make.

Partners wanted
So, I’m here on Patreon looking for people to partner with me, to be part of the creative energy either through finances or feedback. Both are vital to the creative process.

For me, creativity has never been about making money. Having to worry about how much to charge and whether it’s enough or too much, kills the creativity. But my wife and sons like living indoors, wearing clothes, and eating three squares a day. Isn’t it every artist’s dream to create and not worry about where the money is coming from?

With your help, I can purchase that 3d printer, along with a metal lathe, and a vacuum chamber. These will advance the level of art I can turn out. And yes, also hoping to pay for little things like rent and food.

Let’s build this story together. Let’s work together to bring imagination to life!
$0 of $1,000 per month
The first thing I need to take my artwork to the next level is a better 3D printer. Once I reach that goal I will be able to make a much higher quality product.
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