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Mrs. Cunha and I began this adventure five years ago with a breeding trio of rabbits and a dozen chickens from Tractor Supply on a rented half acre in northern Alabama. We have since plunged deeper into the Tennessee Valley in pursuit of our agrarian dream of providing as much of our own food with as few outside inputs as possible.

The original goal was complete self-sufficiency, but as it turned out, we aren't completely terrible at homesteading. Excess production brought up interesting questions as to the overlap between homesteading and farming. After some introspection and experimentation, Mrs. Cunha and I have managed to strike a balance, where we maintain a homesteading spirit with an eye toward niche, artisan products, such as heritage breed pigs, non-traditional ducks, and meat sheep. It's more than the subsistence farming often associated with homesteading, but not the industrial-scale, monofarming of vast acreages, either.

Being a writer with a farming problem, our animal misadventures began to find their way into print. We discovered a thirst for knowledge. I wanted to tell funny stories about nearly dying. Readers wanted to know how we achieved our results. So, I began writing more technical articles, but still in my usual style of willingness to admit missteps, incompetence, and failures.

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