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About Carolin Reich

Hey you!

Thank you so much for checking out my patreon page.

My name is Carolin Reich and I’m a 2D freelancer from Germany
I'm doing Illustrations for commercial and private Issues, Gameart and most importantly I create Comics, which are online free to read and always will stay that way.

And this is why I'm here :)
You might know my works Wintertale or Queen of the Night ,

but my current and most valuable project is an ongoing fantasy-webcomic series called " The Origin Story" or in German: "Vom Anfang" which just got three years old now with over 200 online published pages.  Currently I'm working on the 4th season with 87 pages. The finished project will have around 600 pages.

It updates Once to twice a week with one page on Taspastic in English
and on it's own website in German. Usually on Tuesday and on Friday in case of a second update

My goal is to establish a permanent two updates a week, potentially even up to three or four.

This is not possible at my current state since I have to take other jobs as well to cover my bills. (rent, food, insurance, cat needs.. you know all the grown up stuff 😉 )

And here is where you enter the game.
With you joining the TOS-community I could stabilize my finances, which would allow me to focus more on the comic. Without feeling bad about other work being abandoned or even the possibility to hire someone to take over for certain tasks like base coloring or editing. More Comic time would lead to more pages, faster story progression and more overall stuff to enjoy for you :D Doesn't this sound nice? For just one dollar a month, you are in.

You might say
But One dollar is nothing, how can this be of any help?
I say:
One dollar is a lot! And If a lot of people come together, each sharing just one dollar a month it’s a lot of dollars 😉”

Okay you got it. But let's be honest - Throwing money on me sounds tempting, but what do you get in return?

I prepared a variety of pledge-tiers for you where you can choose from different rewards:

Rewards are stuff like:

  • .pdf Files of completed chapters for better accessibility
  • Earlier access to the latest pages
  • Sneak Peeks into the project’s work (sketches, unfinished artworks, lineart of comic-pages)
  • Occasional polls where you can influence the comic directly (e.g names for locations, characters, clothcolor etc.)
  • Some step by step pieces, pictures and videos(coming soon)
  • Personal sketches and requests.
  • Physical rewards from time to time, like patreon exclusive prints, postcards or something I didn't thought about yet ;)
  • Low Res .Psd-Files
  • Tutorials (coming soon)
  • Personal Artcritique (coming soon)
  • And obviously eternal gratitude from me and the characters from my comic projects

Higher tiers always include all the rewards from lower tiers.
Patreon update is usually on monday.

Does this sound inviting to you?
Then come and join me on my journey! Let's create a fantastic adventure together.

I’m looking forward to meet you.

Thanks for your time
$54 of $60 per month
I can feed my cats and fillup their litter boxes <3 :O
Thank you! ( And I can pay all my monthly program subscriptions, which I need to create my Art (Dropbox, Photoshop CC))

As Thank you I will now open a privat Patreon only Discord chanel, where I will spam cat photos and occasional comicscreenshots.
Maybe we can chat too... Maybe. °x°
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 208 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 208 exclusive posts