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About Cartridge Club

At its core, the Cartridge Club is like a book-club for gamers. Each month a title gets selected, and members of the community can play along at their own pace. At the end of each month, a podcast is recorded with members of the club joining in to share their thoughts. From modern to retro, the famous to the obscure; anything goes in the Cartridge Club!

But that's only how it started. Since then, the Cartridge Club has grown into a truly amazing community, comprising of fellow gamers from all across the globe. Glued together through friendships and a mutual love of gaming, members have helped expand this club into a true family of gamers. From podcasts to videos, live-streams to meet-ups, vlogs to blogs - the club has spread itself across every medium; and it's not slowing down!

We currently have a modest space on the internet that we call home and we love it. But we want to grow that space to reach out to even more gamers out there who share our love of community and fun. That's where you come in! Any and all donations received will go directly to improving the CartridgeClub experience for everyone.
$50 – reached! per month
This is the cost of maintaining the CartridgeClub in its current state. It covers the cost of the website and the current features such as the Forums, Features and Site Fees.

There are a ton of other features that we'd love to implement, and will do that with any funds generated. 

Even if we don't achieve our goal, the site will continue to operate, and our happy little community will still be an amazing place to hang your controller.
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