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is creating Fursuits, art and props
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This tier gives you access to:

- WIP shots of fursuits and other projects  as well as previously unshared WIPs of existing fursuits.

 - Unflattened PSD files in a downloadable folder that I update as I make digital art. 

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 This tier gives you access to everything listed in the lower tier as well as: 

 - Exclusive links to download digitised patterns of fursuit parts, props, etc all made by myself.

- Access to all videos I post on Patreon. These will include tutorials, time-lapses of fursuit work and speedpaints.

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This tier gives you access to everything listed in the lower tiers as well as: 

- A free sketch every month of a character of your choice!




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About Cassius Crafts

Hi there and welcome to my Patreon page!
My name is Cassius, I'm an artist who lives in a coastal town in Scotland.
For the past few years I have been making custom fursuits and art on commission. I work part-time eight hours a week at a daycare and the rest of my week is spent working on suits, making art, and creating props.
This page contains everything that goes on behind the scenes for my creative processes when it comes to building fursuits, making props, my digital art and every in-between project. This includes:

  • Work in progress pictures of any project I am working on (bar private/surprise commissions.)
  • Previously unseen work in progress pictures of existing fursuits and props.
  • Visual and text tutorials for working with certain materials. 
  • Patreon-exclusive videos of some of the techniques I use in fursuit making and crafting.
  • Access to unflattened PSD files of digital art I have done.
  • Digitised patterns for various fursuit parts and props such as: toony handpaws, antlers, teeth, stuffed fursuit props and more!
  • Tutorial/vlog videos about aspects of fursuit building, how-to's, etc.
  • Top patrons get a digital flat-colour sketch commission every month of a character of their choice!
  • And much more!

Thank you for your support!
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If this goal is reached I will do a fortnightly Q+A session on a private discord server. All Patrons are welcome!
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